Campfire Stories

This was an amazing view from the SSC (Starbucks Support Center) where Erin works. Talk about #mondaymotivation

Erin snagged this awesome view on the way into Seattle from SC. We are so blessed to live in a state like this with such unreal views.

One of the most epic trips in the Enchantments this summer. This is the moment we conquered Aasgard pass 🙌🏻

Unreal views in the Enchantments that seemed like we were in a far off world.

Can you believe this was snow from a trip in August? Trust me, it was way hotter that day than this snow looks.

Hiking up Artist Point and beyond this past fall

The gang is all here! We would be short changing you if we didn’t share with you our mountain buddies – Jovie and Jester belong to Kim and Joe and Echo belongs to Jessi. They’re the best.

Our first of many family photos up in the North Cascades. That is liberty bell behind us that we always want to climb this fall!

Kim led me up to Camp Muir for the first time and we overnighted in the bunkers. It was such an awesome experience and really show cased Kim’s skills and experience on the mountain.

It was a bit windy when we were descending from Camp Muir back in September but it was awesome nonetheless

Views from the backside of the bunker Do you see the cracks which are crevasses? This is why experience, safety and being knowledgeable is so important on this mountain. There is danger everywhere and if you don’t know what you’re doing it can be life or death.

RMI leading one of their groups up to camp muir the same time we were ascending. We actually kept great pace with them!