Week 5 – Heavy Rains and Research


All forecasts called for inches of rain all over Western Washington for the entire weekend. I searched high and low for snow, trails or anything that wouldn’t be too saturated and trying to keep the risk of getting sick low….nothing.

Therefore, I adulted a lot this weekend and got caught up on a lot of my to do list and things around the house. That’s not really enough to keep me motivated and entertained. I did a lot of reading about the 1996 Expedition on Everest, almost finished with my awesome book “Into Thin Air” and I highly recommend it. Then I started to research the routes we’ll be taking in July. I made it to Camp Muir back in September so I took a walk down memory lane.

This is the route Kim and I took from Paradise on the middle bottom up to Camp Muir where we stayed the night.

image - Copy


This is the view behind the bunks we stayed in that shows the beginning of the route up to the Cathedral rocks and the Ingraham Glacier Flats. See those lines in the snow that kind of look like trails? Those are actually crevasses beginning because it’s late in the season and it’s been pressured under the sun and warmer temperatures all summer long.


Heading down back to Paradise after a perspective changing trip. We tend to be our worst enemies and doubt our goals which prevents us from achieving them. Before I met Kim and my mountain crew I used to visit Mt. Rainier and day dream about the summit and wonder if I would ever have the GUTS to do this. After making it up past 10,000 ft and staying the night at Camp Muir with no altitude sickness I had a new fever of wanting to summit this mountain.


I turned around to look back at this view one more time and when I did I had to capture this moment of when I knew I would be back to summit and it would be done with some of the best friends in the world.

Looking at the route below gets me stoked and motivated. It’s pouring cats and dogs on most trails right now and I could be bummed and twiddling my thumbs but I’m writing this as I’m getting ready for a great church service and headed straight to the gym afterwards. No days off, no circumstances can get in the way of my goals. Sometimes we need those quiet weekends to reset, refresh and rechallenge ourselves. Still seeking summits, yall.

map topo


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