Week Four – West Tiger Mountain

Elevation gain: 2100ft
Elevation: 2525ft
Miles: 5 miles RT



Today was a bit of a physical challenge but so good. I missed our hike last week due to a bunch of prep for work and other responsibilities but I’m determined to stay on track. This past week I had a lot going on at work and home and before I realized it I was a little ball or stress!

Needless to say I needed the push today. Jessi not only climbed west tiger mountain last weekend but also did a sunrise hike to Rattlesnake with two of her friends AND still met me at West Tiger mountain afterwards to hike up with me. Jessi is the real deal and one of her word no doubt. Even though Jessi had just hiked 4 miles before our adventure I felt like I was keeping a pretty slow pace compared to our normal pace. She kept pushing me and reassuring me we need to keep going. The more I kept trying to control my breathing the more my feet kept moving as I thought about those would love to make this hike but their lungs won’t allow them. I then had no excuses in front of me.

On our cold and wet hike we started talking about the true effects of stress and what it can do to our bodies. We both know I’ve done way harder hikes with way more weight in my pack and struggled less ha! It was a great conversation of awareness and understanding our bodies. By the end of our hike I had sweat out so many toxins of stress and released so many endorphins I was practically skipping. Thank you Jessi for being YOU.

At the summit I noticed a guy with a large backpack and knew he had to be training so I asked. Sure enough he is also climbing Mt. Rainier this summer with a non profit group. We exchanged tips and tricks and a few stories but it was just awesome to know and feel like we’re on track. Sunny, snowing or slightly rainy … we are staying on track and pushing on.

We had a really awesome week this week in donations and we are starting to ramp up some events and fundraising campaigns. We can’t wait to share the details with you, stay tuned.


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