Week Three – Mt. Si

Elevation gain: 3150ft
Elevation: 3900ft
Mileage: 8 miles


Two days in the Cascades was not enough. We are serious about these mountains and our goal to raise $16k for Climb for Clean air.

We all got home mid day on Sunday, cleaned our gear, repacked and met at the trailhead at 7am on Monday. Pause … we had to get a new park pass because ours was expired but we started on the trail right around 7:30.

It was a great morning full of surprising pink skies in the distance, low number of people and we were making good time despite sore legs and little sleep. When we finally made it to the top it was incredibly windy and we found the perfect boulder to hide behind and enjoy our coffee and snacks. As we sat down we noticed the beautiful view of Rainier. HOW special to see the beautiful mountain you’re training for while you’re training?? It was awesome.

Rainier shining in the background while these little guys had a yummy breakfast. Until next time, Si 🌄


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