Week One – Rattlesnake Ledge

January 6, 2018

Week one of many hikes. Jessi texted me (Erin) yesterday and asked me if I would be up for a sunrise hike at Rattlesnake Ledge in Snoqualmie. I checked the weather and reluctantly agreed even though I’ve been becoming a more fair weather hiker as of late. We live in the great PNW – how could I become a fair weather hiker? That mindset changed real quickly post holidays. That’s just a small example of what this entire journey will look like – accountability, challenges, early mornings and constant motivation.

Jessi and I had a great hike up making it in about 45 minutes without really pushing ourselves too much and we even had the ledge to ourselves for a solid half hour. Despite the freezing cold and wind that picked up we ended up staying at the summit for 2 hours just catching up, talking out goals and taking fun photos. We decided in that moment that we are going to document this journey because what more fun way to look back on our adventure than a fun and interactive blog? We’re more determined than ever.

We are attempting to summit Mt. Rainier in July which has been a long time goal of mine. That being said we wanted to take it to the next level and raise money for the American Lung Association to help meet their goal of saving lives by improving lung health and preventing lung disease through education, advocacy and research.

As long as we are healthy enough to train, climb and summit, we will do so in the honor of others. We ask that you join us in this journey not only with financial support but also emotionally and spiritually. The mountains are a special place to us and we can’t wait to bring you along on the adventure with us in every way possible!

Tomorrow the mountain crew is getting together to go over our our summit training plan, meal prep, hikes for the year, etc. Basically, 2018 is off to a GREAT start – stay tuned for more adventures! Please leave us a comment of curiosity, encouragement, tips or advice. We’d love to hear from each of you along this journey and we WILL be responding and sharing details of our journey.

Elevation gain: 1160ft

Elevation: 2078ft

Mileage: 4 miles


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